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Friday, December 8

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Planes, Raft, and Pods: A Tour of Distributed Systems Within Kubernetes [B] - Bo Ingram, Craftsy Meeting Room 19AB, Level 4 CrashLoopBackoff, Pending, FailedMount and Friends: Debugging Common Kubernetes Cluster and Application Issues [B] - Joe Thompson, Oteemo Meeting Room 10AB, Level 3 Cost-effective Compute Clusters with Spot and Pre-emptible Instances [I] - Bich Le & Arun Sriraman, Platform9 Meeting Room 8ABC, Level 3 Distributed Database DevOps Dilemmas? Kubernetes to the Rescue - Denis Magda, GridGain Meeting Room 9C, Level 3 Disaster Recovery for your Kubernetes Clusters [I] - Andy Goldstein & Steve Kriss, Heptio Ballroom A, Level 1 Using Kubernetes to Change Legacy Systems and Processes in the Public Sector [B] - Audun Fauchald Strand, Norwegian Welfare Administration Ballroom B, Level 1 Setting Sail with Istio [B] - Lachlan Evenson, Microsoft Meeting Room 9AB, Level 3 Hacking and Hardening Kubernetes Clusters by Example [I] - Brad Geesaman, Symantec Meeting Room 12AB, Level 4 Block Volumes Support in Kubernetes [I] - Mitsuhiro Tanino, Hitachi Data Systems Meeting Room 6AB, Level 3 Open Service Broker API - hosted by Paul Morie, Red Hat Meeting Room 4A, Level 3 Jaeger Salon - hosted by Yuri Shkuro, Uber Technologies & Pavol Loffay, Red Hat Meeting Room 10C, Level 3 Linkerd Salon - hosted by William Morgan, Buoyant Meeting Room 7, Level 3 Prometheus Salon - hosted by Frederic Branczyk, CoreOS, Bob Cotton, FreshTracks.io, Goutham Veeramanchaneni, & Tom Wilkie, Kausal Meeting Room 5ABC, Level 3

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