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Serverless - KubeCon [clear filter]
Thursday, December 7


State of Serverless [B] - Mark Peek, VMware & Doug Davis, IBM
Serverless and FaaS computing is gaining in popularity to easily create microservice applications. In this talk we will discuss what are the characteristics of serverless, the status of the serverless working group within the CNCF, and the open source options available for running serverless and associated services with a focus on kubernetes.

avatar for Doug Davis

Doug Davis

OM Knative, IBM
Doug works in IBM's Hybrid Cloud division. He's been working on Cloud related technologies for many years and has worked on many of the most popular OSS projects, including OpenStack, CloudFoundry, Docker and Kubernetes. He's currently the OM for Knative, co-chairing the CNCF's Serverless... Read More →
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Mark Peek

Principal Engineer, VMware
Mark is a Principal Engineer at VMware working across areas of interest such as cloud management, cloud native applications, and open source. Currently, he is leading the work on serverless within VMware. Mark contributes to a wide range of open source projects and is the VMware representative... Read More →

Thursday December 7, 2017 11:10am - 11:45am
Meeting Room 9AB, Level 3


Building Serverless Application Pipelines [A] - Sebastien Goasguen, Bitnami
The serverless paradigm is bringing a new type of applications to the forefront of application architecture. Distributed, containerized, scalable, event-driven and ephemeral with fine grained billing. In this talk we will go through several application use-cases that are driving the serverless movement (e.g data processing, IoT, mobile-backends,machine learning) and demonstrate how these applications can be developed and deployed on top of Kubernetes using an open source serverless solution called kubeless. Through live demos and examples, we will show that Kubernetes with its rich and stable core API is the perfect platform to build FaaS solutions.

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Sebastien Goasguen

Kubernetes Lead, Bitnami
Sebastien Goasguen is a twenty year open source veteran. A member of the Apache Software Foundation, he worked on Apache CloudStack and Libcloud for several years before diving into the container world. He is the founder of Skippbox, a Kubernetes startup acquired by Bitnami where... Read More →

Thursday December 7, 2017 11:55am - 12:30pm
Meeting Room 9AB, Level 3


FaaS and Furious - 0 to Serverless in 60 Seconds, Anywhere - Alex Ellis, ADP

OpenFaaS (or Functions as a Service) is a Cloud Native framework for building serverless functions with containers (as popularised by AWS Lambda). With OpenFaaS you can package any process or container as a serverless function for either Linux or Windows - just bring your Kubernetes or Docker cluster. Avoid vendor lock-in by running functions in your own datacenter or the cloud with your existing CI/CD and container ecosystem. The project focuses on ease of use through its UI and CLI which can be used to test and monitor functions in tandem with Prometheus integration that enables auto-scaling as demand increases.

You can deploy OpenFaaS in 60 seconds on Kubernetes and thanks to concise code templates all you need to write is a handler in your favourite programming language then let your cluster do the heavy lifting.

OpenFaaS was recently trending as the top open-source project on GitHub, won Best Cloud Computing Software 2017 from InfoWorld and has a thriving community with 65 contributors, 1400 commits and over 8k stars.

Come and find out how and why people are leveraging an event-driven architecture along with some cool interactive demos and swag.



Note - OpenFaaS is an independent project started by Alex Ellis and is now being shaped by a growing community of contributors and users.

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Alex Ellis

Founder, OpenFaaS Ltd
Alex is a respected expert on serverless and cloud native computing. He founded OpenFaaS, one of the most popular open-source serverless projects, where he has built the community via writing, speaking, and extensive personal engagement. As a consultant and CNCF Ambassador, he helps... Read More →

Thursday December 7, 2017 2:00pm - 2:35pm
Meeting Room 9AB, Level 3


Fission: Serverless Functions for Kubernetes [B] - Soam Vasani, Platform9 Systems
"Serverless" functions allow users to easily create services from source code without dealing with packaging, deployment, scaling, etc.

Fission is a serverless function framework built on Kubernetes. Users write functions and map them to event sources, such as HTTP requests, timers, Kubernetes watches, and message queues. Users don't have to deal with container images, registries or even learn Kubernetes in much detail.

Functions consume CPU and memory resources only when running. Fission makes on-demand function loading very fast by keeping an idle pool of containers running, in effect creating a distributed "threadpool".

Fission is useful for:
* Creating web app backends or REST APIs
* Implementing webhooks
* Watching Kubernetes Resources for changes to implement simple custom
* Creating Kubernetes Initializers with minimal work

In this talk we'll give a few demos for these use cases, and cover:

* How fission works with function dependencies in a language-agnostic manner
* The development lifecycle of Functions: testing and incremental deployment
* The composition of functions into workflows using the Fission Workflow project
* Observability: log aggregation, metrics with Prometheus, tracing with Opentracing/Zipkin
* The interaction of functions with service meshes (Istio/Envoy)


Soam Vasani

Software Engineer, Platform9 Systems
Soam Vasani created and works on the Fission framework at Platform9 Systems. He's also worked on Platform9's Kubernetes cluster deployment and management product. His past work includes distributed filesystems, a log analysis stack, and infrastructure management products; as well... Read More →

Thursday December 7, 2017 2:45pm - 3:20pm
Meeting Room 9AB, Level 3


Pontoon: An Enterprise Grade Serverless Framework Using Kubernetes – As Used in VMware Cloud Services [I] - Kumar Gaurav & Mageshwaran Rajendran, VMware
In VMware Cloud services, we perform both batch and real-time computations based on periodic schedules and on-demand events, using our in-house developed serverless framework called Pontoon. This provides better utilization of resources and enables our service developers to write serverless functions with simple declarations.
Kubernetes provides Jobs and Deployments as design constructs to handle such needs, while other frameworks like IronIO Functions, Fabric8, et al aim to solve end-to-end use case . However, we had to extend on top of Kubernetes Jobs & Deployments to define the packaging and I/O interactions of the function, implement a priority queue for execution, and provide declarative retry policy while ensuring high availability. A developer 'writes' a function supporting common EAI patterns for start time parameterized variables, and defines it's packaging and scheduling using a yaml file. The framework then packages it as a Container alongwith an 'observer' container in a pod, 'registers' it with the scheduler while ensuring choice of 'warm' vs on-demand requisite replicas of the pod, and then through a 'Scalar' manages the execution and life cycle of job, while logging and tracing failures/success.
This framework is in use over months in VMware Cloud services and we are now open sourcing it.

avatar for Kumar Gaurav

Kumar Gaurav

Director R&D, VMware
Kumar Gaurav is working on the first set of services under VMware Cloud Services umbrella, a SaaS offering. He is a veteran in VMware, having built many cloud management products over 9 years and holds dozens of US patents, and few academic publications in Container space. He is the... Read More →
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Mageshwaran Rajendran

Staff Developer, VMware
Mageshwaran Rajendran is a lead designer and co-architect of Cost Insight- one of the service under VMware Cloud Services SaaS offering. He has earlier built big data based batch & real-time data pipelines handling TB’s data for financial institution and distributed applications... Read More →

Thursday December 7, 2017 3:50pm - 4:25pm
Meeting Room 9AB, Level 3


Building and Running an Enterprise-grade Serverless Platform on Kubernetes - Ying Huang & Quinton Hoole, Huawei
Serverless platforms provide functions as a service, and have become a hot topic largely because they allow developers to focus on core business logic, leaving packaging, deployment, monitoring, event propagation, scaling and load balancing to the infrastructure. The serverless billing model is simple - pay-per-invocation - which can being significant benefits for many event-driven applications.

Huawei launched its FunctionStage serverless platform, which is built on Kubernetes, in 2017. In this talk we will explain in detail the design and implementation of FunctionStage. This involved both fairly straightforward function packaging, scheduling, auto-scaling, event triggering and load balancing, as well as some significantly more interesting challenges related to container re-use, on-the-fly micro service provisioning, reliable operation and much more. We will demonstrate the use of our system to solve some complex real-world problems in Huawei Public Cloud.


Quinton Hoole

Quinton is currently Technical Vice President of Cloud Computing at Huawei. Previously he spent five years at Google, where he was an Engineering Lead on the Kubernetes team, and Technical Lead and Manager of Ads Serving SRE. He was also the founding engineer of the Amazon EC2 cloud... Read More →

Ying Huang

Senior Software Architect, Huawei
Ying is currently a senior software architect at PaaS (Platform-as-a-Service) team at Huawei. She played a key role leading the design and implementation of FaaS (Function-as-a-Service) platform in Huawei. Before that, she worked in Microsoft Azure Identity team as an engineer for... Read More →

Thursday December 7, 2017 4:35pm - 5:10pm
Meeting Room 9AB, Level 3