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Aaron Crickenberger

Senior Testing Engineer
Seattle WA
Aaron has been involved in open source since 2007, cloud since 2009, and Kubernetes since 2015. He was elected to the Kubernetes Steering Committee in 2017.

He co-founded the Kubernetes Testing SIG, and actively contributes in the Architecture, Contributor Experience, Release, and Scalability SIGs. If you attend the weekly Kubernetes Community meetings, chances are you've seen him (or at least his beard.) He has participated in every Kubernetes release since v1.4, holding roles involving: release notes, issue triage, and CI signal.

In previous lives he's implemented a database as a service offering in a public cloud, managed a fleet of cloud foundry deployments on cruise ships, and worked on a blackhawk flight simulator built inside of a shipping container.

Aaron 分别从 2007 年、2009 年和 2015 年开始参与开源、云和 Kubernetes 工作。2017 年,他当选 Kubernetes 指导委员会成员。

他是 Kubernetes Testing SIG 的联合创始人,在架构、贡献者体验、发布和 SIGs 扩展领域是活跃的参与者。如果您参加每周的 Kubernetes 社区会议,一定有机会碰见他(或者至少看到他的标志性胡须。)从 V1.4 版本开始,他曾参加 Kubernetes 每一个版本的发布会,负责的关键角色包括:发布说明、issue triage 和 CI 信号。

他曾在公共云作为服务提供者执行数据库,管理 cloud foundry 部署团队,负责舰艇容器内的黑鹰飞行模拟器工作。