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Aaron Crickenberger

Staff Testing Engineer
Seattle WA
Aaron has been involved in open source since 2007, cloud since 2009, and Kubernetes since 2015.  He co-founded the Kubernetes Testing SIG and K8s Infra WG, and is serving his second term on the Kubernetes Steering Committee since being elected in 2017.

Aaron has actively contributed to the Kubernetes Architecture, Contributor Experience, and Release SIGs. He participated in every Kubernetes release from v1.4 to v1.15, serving in roles such as release notes, issue triage, CI signal, and release lead. If you attend the Kubernetes Community meetings, chances are you've seen him (or at least his beard.)

In previous lives he's implemented a database as a service offering in a public cloud, managed a fleet of cloud foundry deployments on cruise ships, and worked on a blackhawk flight simulator built inside of a shipping container.