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Lucas Käldström

Lucas is a passionate Kubernetes subproject owner and approver that is excited about all things cloud native. Lucas has been engaged in Kubernetes work for over three years now and been involved in work like porting Kubernetes to multiple platforms, getting minikube off the ground, serving the community as a lead for SIG Cluster Lifecycle and maintaining kubeadm. Besides Upper Secondary School Lucas runs a consulting company for Cloud Native tech programming tasks "luxas labs" and the official CNCF & Kubernetes meetup in Finland. Lucas is a CNCF Ambassador and was voted a "Top Cloud Native Ambassador" together with Sarah Novotny 2017. Lucas is a Certified Kubernetes Administrator and has spoken at three previous KubeCons.Lucas 对 Kubernetes 子项目富有热情,是 Kubernetes 子项目所有人和审核人员,对云原生的一切事务都很感兴趣。Lucas 从事 Kubernetes 工作超过三年时间,主要职责有:将 Kubernetes 转移到多个平台,让 minikube 落地,担任社区主管负责 SIG Cluster Lifecycle(集群部署)和维护 kubeadm。Lucas 不仅是高中老师,也运营了一家咨询公司用于处理云原生技术编程任务“luxas labs”,以及芬兰 CNCF 与 Kubernetes 官方活动。Lucas 为 CNCF 代表,2017 年与 Sarah Novotny 一同被评选为“云原生优秀代表”。Lucas 为 Kubernetes 认证管理员,曾在此前举办的三场 KubeCons 大会上演讲。